My experience in web development is full-stack and includes design aspects. My projects are scalable, responsive, user friendly, and well documented. Working with a team to create code that works is my goal.

Frequently I program on my own, but I also work collaboratively by pair programming in person and remotely. I'm not too proud to admit that some of my additional skills include searching Google, Stack Overflow, and documentation to find answers to my questions. Some Agile development experience.


  • Design

    • Mockups
    • Bootstrap oriented
  • Front-end Development

    • HTML5/Jade
    • css/Sass/SCSS
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • API calls
  • Data Visualization

    • d3.js
    • using APIs or original data
  • Back-end Development

    • Angular.js
    • React.js/JSX
    • Express
    • MongoDB
    • Node.js/npm
    • Grunt/gulp/nodemon
    • Git/GitHub

Briana is a student of the internet, learning constantly from resources ranging from Free Code Camp to language documentation. She contributes to Free Code Camp's curriculum regularly and is an active member of the FCC core team.

Briana is curious, critical, and solution oriented.

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